Week 4 – Training continues in all weather conditions!

I capped off last week with a 7 mile run. Still working the 3min Run / 2min Walk intervals. Didn’t feel horrible, and wasn’t so bad. I’m not saying it was easy. 😉
But a good run, in a strange weather pattern. We had avg 20 degree days in Cincinnati, while I was on a trip in California. Great runs there, and didn’t look forward to running in such cold weather. Then it zoomed up to 55 degrees in Cincinnati, just in time for my long run. Awesome! but the next day it dropped back to sub-freezing temps, with water on the ground. Back to the YMCA for some machine cardio…
This week I’m in Florida, clocking 5m runs with 3m easy runs in between. While I’m loving the 70 degrees, the locals complain about it being chilly. Ha. It’s all perspective right? I ramped up my intervals and am now running 4mins with a 1min walk. Again, doesn’t hurt, but not the easiest. I’ll take it!
Spoke to my TeamChallenge coach last week, and she’s optimistic about my pace, and planning for the race. Therefore so am I. I got this, and it all goes to a good cause.
THANK YOU for your support! I’m looking forward to rocking this race, hearing some good music on the course, and enjoying the after party.
I’ve gotten a chance to reconnect with many people who responded to my email Really appreciate the support and encouragement from such good friends.
Cheers to you all and Merry Christmas!

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Week 3 – LONG run and Weekend with Andrew!

Wrapped up my third week of training and things are going great! Ran every day, following the intervals I mentioned last week – 3 min run, 2 min walk. When I’m running I’m probably at a 12:30 pace, and when walks are combined, total pace is about 14:30.
Due to work travel, I ran two days in Providence, RI. Great routes without much traffic, and cool view of Federal Hill, just as the sun set. This time of year, the sun sets around 4:30! Makes it feel much later, and locals just deal with it…
Kelly and I spent the weekend with Andrew at URI campus where he is studying Marine Affairs. He continues to do well physically, and is knocking it out of the park at school. Marine Affairs is the business side of Marine Biology. There is still a lot of science, but it’s common to take this major and study maritime law and apply the legal side to it. There is also an opportunity to focus on Fisheries as a business. I never realized it, but due to overfishing and climate change, Fisheries may be our next farming future. Controlled delivery of seafood is a big part of this field. Fascinating.
We took the picture above at Naragansett Beach, wearing some of the TeamChallenge gear, and holding the TeamChallenge banner – Thanks to Traci Osborne for the gear! Beautiful day in RI, but cold… 😉

Today was the LONG run – I clocked one hour and 28 mins for 6.14 miles. I’m in a hotel right next to Staples HQ in Framingham, Mass, and believe it or not, you definitely can carve out a 6 mile run with the parking lots of Staples and the neighboring businesses! The map run is pretty funny as you can see where I traced the edges of the parking lot. Also entertaining to see the elevation gradually change as I ran the entire parking structure. There were some wooded trails for Staples workers to walk which was a nice distraction from the pavement but they only added up to about half a mile.
It’s just over 60 days before race day, and with the published TeamChallenge training regimen, I feel pretty good about my progress. Check back in next week to see how things go. I expect daily workouts and another long run next weekend. I’ll have a trip to California this week so I’m looking forward to some warmer weather!

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Second Full Week – I'm Pumped!

Capped off a good week of workouts, despite work travel. Managed to get into week 4 of Couch to 5K. This is a great program built around intervals: Starting easy with 60 second run followed by 90-second walk. Each day, progressing gradually to 5-min run with 2.5 min walk.
So today I graduated myself from the C25K program and joined our group run for 3 miles. I’m now using MapMyRun, which is a big data app run by one of my customers – UnderArmour. I’m contributing to the tech I help facilitate which seems rather odd, but rewarding. 😉 The cool thing is that it maps directly to MapMyFitness, which tracks calories. How refreshing to have this tech work seamlessly! I’m pleased…

On our long run, we also did intervals – 2min run to 1min walk. Met the rest of the team in Ohio CCFA, and am VERY impressed by this organization! Great people who have been impacted by IBD for between 8 and 45 years. Really reinfo rces my commitment.
I’m committing to the half-marathon which is a long 13.1Mile slog. I think I’ve got this. Some people drop back to the 10k so that’s an option but I’m optimistic about my ability to make it.
Thinking about Andrew and those who suffer from Crohn’s. It’s a long series of intervals for them too! Periods of healthy activity followed by poor health until the treatment cycles in. And if a flare pops up it throws the whole cycle into jeopardy.
It’s estimated that Crohn’s and Colitis affect 1.6 million Americans, most of whom are diagnosed before age 35. We can drive research dollars to help wipe out these horrible diseases.

Thanks again for your sponsorship! Please donate for one of three reasons:
1. To help those with Crohn’s or Colitis
2. Watch me drag my sorry self 13.1 miles in February
3. A combination of both!
I’ll keep you posted here with weekly updates. Feeling good and looking forward to another great week of training!

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