Puppy, Home Brewing, and Whats on tap

I haven’t blogged about it here, but I started home brewing beer last summer. I’ve brewed about 8 batches now, and really enjoy it. The hobby┬áinvolves a lot of skills that I enjoy – there is cooking, some chemistry, and opportunity for gadgets. And at the end of the day, there’s beer. ­čśë

I’ll make a category for my brewing news, and provide updates on my home brew.

We also got a new puppy last weekend. Zoey is a Labradoodle that is about 3 months old. Quite a cutie, and we are getting used to having her in the house.

I’ll post more updates on Zoey’s progress as well.

My techie mind is considering a wordpress applet that would show what’s on tap. Much like my band page (www.morecowbellband.com) which scans for upcoming gigs and posts in a calendar notice applet, I think there must be some type of app that would monitor what’s on tap and show what’s in kegs, in bottles, and in fermentation stages. I’ll look around and try to update this as well.

Seems like a large to-do list, but I’ll get cracking!


ET and Zoey