First full week and LONG RUN

I’m using Couch-to-5K to get ramped up and just finished my first full week. Rather than skip a day, I ran each day of the program on each day, taking one day off. It worked out pretty well and I felt challenged but capable during each workout.

The app has matured since I last used it and I love the audio cues to walk/run/etc. and really like the graphical tracking of pace, distance, and workouts over time.
Today was my long run, so I went off schedule and just ran as long as I could on the same route, walking when necessary. Total distance was 3 miles, and total time was 45 mins. Nothing to write home about, but a good baseline to measure against going forward!
Crohn’s is an expensive disease. In a 2008 study, direct medical costs were $18,022 to $18,932 per patient per year in the United States. About 53 to 67 percent of those costs were from hospitalizations.
The cause of Crohn’s is undetermined, but with enough research we can learn more. I’m looking forward to driving research forward and am anxious to reach a breakthrough in my son Andrew’s lifetime.
THANK YOU for your support! I’ll keep you posted on this weeks’ progress!

Originally posted at CCFA site by Eric Thorsen on Sat, Nov 26, 2016 @ 7:30 PM
Cross posted here after successful completion of the race