Just discovered Jazz24.org

So on my favorite music device in the house (Sonos) I have always enjoyed a blend of music, from classic rock to the latest pop, mixed in with some classical music while I read the papers on Sunday. But interweaving it all is my love for jazz. I like SiriusXM channel 67 “Real Jazz” but it can veer off from the classic bebop to some obscure funk from time to time.

I just found my dream channel on a music service – Jazz24.org, which is a live stream of KPLU in the Seattle/Tacoma region. I’ve been listening all day, between conference calls for work, busy tasks like expenses, bills, and follow ups from said calls, and after work through making dinner and eating with my family.

I can’t get enough of this channel.

  • A nice blend of traditional bebop jazz, including Horace Silver, Paul Desmond, and Billie Holiday
  • Some bossa nova Jobim
  • Forward-thinking Diana Krall
  • Classic organ-izing from Joey deFrancisco

I’ve added it to my Sonos favorites, and am trying to figure out how to get a stream downloaded for offline listening on my Android phone.

It’s rare that I listen to a single source for so long, but this station’s focus on artists, themes, and the pure essence of improvisational jazz without “getting weird” has captured me as a fan!

If you are fortunate enough to live in the area and listen live, please do so. If not, please check them out online or through your favorite music dispenser. 😉