Week 6: 4 and 1, Woot!, and a shout-out

A series of updates to share, best done in form of bullets…

  • Must confess when I originally saw there were 10-mile runs and 11-mile runs during this training regimen, I shuddered a bit. But that was in November, and I just did one! Woot!
  • I’m very fortunate to miss the frigid weather in Ohio this weekend. I ran 5 miles up the marina coast of San Diego, and returned to the Marriott feeling pretty good. It doesn’t hurt that the swimming pool and hot tub are conveniently located on the path from the running route to the hotel entrance. Great run, and nice cool-down 😉
  • Thanks to your support, I’m nearly to the $4800 mark which qualifies me for Chapter VIP. This means some recognition and a bit of relief on flights through a travel voucher. Please consider a donation to get me over the top! I have some checks to submit, but even with those I am about $120 away now.
  • My son Andrew’s fraternity brother’s sister (pause to map that relationship) also has Crohn’s. Very sorry to hear that she was scheduled for the race, but is unable to run due to her health. Please consider donating to the cause with her fundraising page as well. I can’t post the link in this blog, but email me and I’ll send you the link! Her nae is Catie, and she is part of the New England team.
  • I’ll be running for both Andrew and Catie in the NOLA race
  • Recently I mailed a large number of fundraising forms to friends and family. I wanted to acknowledge that when I went to the FedexKinkos (do they still call it that?) to have the fundraising forms printed out – they donated half the cost to my cause! Quite nice of them, and shout-out to the fantastic staff there!!
  • My run today continued with the 4-min run and 1-min walk cadence. As with past runs, wasn’t easy but didn’t suck. Actually it was starting to get much more easy than past runs. To keep me from lapsing after this race, I plan to run the Cincinnati Heart Mini-marathon (15K) in March and something in the Flying Pig during the marathon weekend in Cincinnati in May. I also signed up for the Lake Powell half-marathon in October. That requires I bring a tent and camp out the night before the race, which sounds extremely cool. And the race finishes in the National Park, with awesome views of the Colorado River and Lake Powell!
  • While I was frustrated with lack of weight loss in December it feels like it is starting to fall off a bit. It could have been building running muscle? It certainly couldn’t have been my consumption of holiday snacks, cookies, great meals, and wine, right?

Next week I’ll be in NYC, and will clock an 11-mile run, hopefully in Central Park. The idea of a 3-hour treadmill session is not appealing, ha!

Make it a great week, and check in next week for another update! THANK YOU for your support, and if you haven’t donated, please consider a donation to have an impact on this horrible disease.


Originally posted at CCFA site by Eric Thorsen on Sat, Jan 07, 2017 @ 11:43 PM
Cross posted here after successful completion of the race