Week 5 – kicked off the new year with an 8-mile run!

It’s been just over a month in training and I’m feeling good. Wrapped up with an 8-mile run today using the new intervals – 4min run, 1min walk. It is getting easier to run, mostly because of NEW SHOES. I traded in my old shoes and was properly fitted last Thursday. I joked about saving the old pair of shoes for lawnmowing, and the person helping me just shook her head. “Those are dead.” Ha! they are now out of their misery, and I am out of mine. The right knee pain I’ve been struggling with is not as bad after this long run, and I credit the shoes.

THANK YOU for all the support! When I turn in my two additional hand-written checks, I will have raised $3,996, just $4 shy of my goal. As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, the CCFA is a very efficient charity and the money is going to good use. The genomics research seems pretty significant and could identify a cure soon!

Regarding my running pattern, I’ve dropped the use of headphones. It was frustrating to have them keep falling out due to the jostling of the run, and I am starting to run out of Napster playlists to audition. I don’t expect to use headphones on race day, so I’m listening to the natural sounds of the run, and it’s working out pretty well. Hate to get too philosophical but it almost becomes a zen-like “be one with yourself” process by listening to your body. What do you think?

Next week I’ll be traveling for work, and will have a long run (10m) in San Diego. This should be similar to weather on race day. And it’s San Diego. How can it be bad!? The following week I’ll be in NYC and will do the long run (11m) in Central Park! Hope the weather works out.

I think this blog works with feedback and comments so if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to send them my way.

Happy New Year – let’s make it a GREAT year!


Originally posted at CCFA site by Eric Thorsen on Sun, Jan 01, 2017 @ 1:51 PM
Cross posted here after successful completion of the race